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updated : 1/8/2021

Return of Investments

Return of Investments Table

Notes : Investment will making profit even no payment is made as long as the investment fund is enough to cover the insurance charges.


A sum assured plus investment returns will be paid.

A sum assured will be paid if total permanent disable happens.

RM3,000 compassionate will be paid upon death.

Premium will be waived if diagnosed with critical illness for forever.

Daily hospital allowance if warded from RM30 to RM500.

Note : This is important to cover the lost of income due to warded.

A lump sum assured will be paid if diagnosed with critical illness.

A sum assured will be paid at 30% for early stage, 60% middle stage and 100% last stage of diagnosed.

Provides coverage for female illnesses & also maternity benefits.

Notes :
Insurance charges will be deducted from Investment fund, adding more protections will reduce your investment fund, however our performance generates 100% profit by end of premium terms, subject to age and occupations.

Medicines from covid-19

COVID-19 Protections

Additional protections.

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