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Life Insurance with Investments

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About the Plan

Ensuring a better future.

Make your life journey wonderful.

Who should have this ?

Product Plan Benefits

Benefited Lifetime

it is a lifetime assets.

Investment Benefits

Get the passive investment returns after 5,10 or 20 years depending on your choice.

An investments savings plan for lifetime.

Benefit until the age of 90 year old.

Investment value may withdraw anytime according to your need.

A plan that will be benefited to you lifetime.

Protections Benefit

Compassionate as additional payment for your death RM3,000.

You may add additional coverage like hospital allowance daily, critical illness sum assured. premium waiver and personal accident sum assured.

Upon death event, you will be paid with sum assured PLUS investments value in your account.

Free. Your policy premium or investments will be covered by MCIS Insurance Berhad if you were diagnosed with critical illness.

How to Apply ?

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“We want the best for our client, Life Insurance is about your whole life benefit, life journey, profit in terms of, secure and profitable life journey”

Muhammad Afiq Mohamad

We are your life insurance consultants.

We are committed with your life.

True value gives life.

High Investment Returns

Our fund performance record shows the best performance in the past. We believe it will gives more benefit in the future.

Excellent Protection

We ensure the best protections, we have helped Malaysians since 1954.


Our coverage is worldwide acceptable.

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